Bible Stories Colouring Book

Bible Stories Colouring Book

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You show what appears to be a regular colouring book illustrated with black & white pictures of stories from the Bible.

At your command, the pages become brilliantly coloured, then turn blank, and are shown as regular again for a sensational surprise and triple treat!

Alternatively, show the book to be blank and then encourage all the children to draw with invisible pencils in the air; magically showing all the bible pictures they have drawn.

Now with invisible paint brushes they collect colours from their own clothing and flick them towards the Bible book.

Lots of fun here as you mime they have coloured your nose, eyes and so forth and you have to wipe it away.

Finally when the picture book is reopened all the Bible pictures that the children had previously drawn have now been brightly coloured!

Guaranteed laughter and fun in any programme.

no rough & Smooth. Only regular cards are used. No force it is always a free choice.

Comes with the special book (approx 8½” x 11”) & instructions.

Only £8.99

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