Priceless (gimmick & online instructions)

Priceless (gimmick & online instructions)

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From the minds of Michel Huot & Richard Sanders comes a comedy mentalism breakthrough.

Any price named is instantly seen hanging on a price tag anywhere on your clothing!

You walk up to anyone and ask, "How much do you think I paid for my jacket?" They name any price, for example "£84.25" (which you jot down on a notepad.)

Immediately, you look up and say, "I didn't pay £84.25 for my jacket. In fact, I didn't pay anything for it - I just took it!"

Instantly, you remove your jacket revealing a security tag with a price tag hanging from it!

As the laughter subsides they notice the price on the tag and miraculously it's £84.25!

Priceless is an organic, impossible prediction built into a comedy prop; a security tag. Can be played for laughs or as a serious mentalism piece.

Any numbers named instantly appears on a price tag hanging from any part of your attire.
* Inside your jacket
* On your back
* On the back of your shirt (with your jacket over it)
* Under the collar of your jacket and more...

Perfect for close-up or stage, easy to do. Self-contained gimmick, 3-SECOND RESET for close-up workers with a super simple set-up; just clip it anywhere and go!

"I just found my new opener!" Andi Gladwin.

"The best, most practical solution to the legendary "prediction on back" effect that I've ever seen!" Marc Desouza.

"This precision-made prop turns an old gag into an astonishing piece of mentalism!" Joshua Jay.

Comes with a custom-designed security tag gimmick, 2 different plastic, dry/wet erase price tags (that will last a lifetime), a wet erase marker, 90-minute video tutorial plus live performances both on stage & at a comedy club and also close-up in various venues.

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