Mouse House - Jumbo size cards

Mouse House - Jumbo size cards

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A charming children’s effect based on an idea by Len Belcher

Monty Mouse lives in a house next door to three scheming cats that are always out to catch him but our hero Monty has a few tricks up his sleeve.

One cat is left inside the house and can be seen by the children waiting at the door while the other two cats are all poised for action, so what does Monty do?

Why he turns his back on them. Not to be outdone one of the cats turns their back as well!

Now there is loads of fun when the children in your audience have to guess which card is Horace the cat and which is Monty.

Eventually Monty vanishes without a trace, or does he magically change into the cat guarding the front door of his house?

When the card inside the house, which has been in full view from the start, is shown – hurrah!

To everyone’s delight Monty has tricked those cats once more and is safe and sound magically back inside his house again!

Ideal for children’s shows, parties, schools and playgroups but clever enough to puzzle and amaze older children, teachers, mums and dads.

Comes with Monty’s Mouse House (approx 6.5” x 8.75”), Cat and Mouse cards (5.5” x 8”) & instructions.

Your laminated Mouse House goes down a treat with the kiddies. Silly Clive the Clown.

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