Gambler's Dice

Gambler's Dice

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A round plastic box containing an ordinary die is passed for thorough examination.

You close the box, shake it by your ear and announce the number that you feel is on top of the die. When the box is opened everyone can see you are spot on!

Furthermore, you can also predict in advance the number that will be shown!

Borrowed dice may be used to prove that the die is not prepared and the results will be just as startling.

By using two borrowed dice you can predict their combined total or values again and again!

Box and die can be examined before, during and after the trick.

The ideal pocket effect that can be quickly learned by anyone. A clever secret is responsible for your continued success. Sold for entertainment purposes only.

Comes complete with the nicely made red plastic box (approx 2.5" in diameter x 1.5" deep), single die & illustrated instructions.

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