George Blake's Silver Sceptre

George Blake's Silver Sceptre

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Without question one of the best children's and comedy effects ever!

Designed to last a lifetime, this 16", 40.5cm long gleaming silver coloured metal rod comes alive in your hands!

It rises up from under a handkerchief, then rises from its carrying case which is supplied, then moves horizontally right and left and finally shoots itself high into the air!

A riot in your children's shows as you never seem to notice its antics and the children all love pointing them out to you.

Used by Eddie for many years to open his children's shows as he introduces it as his best silver magic wand. Eddie purchased the rights to this trick from Blake's widow but since then it has been produced without permission by several dealers.

Absolutely no threads or magnets are used. Surprisingly easy to do.

Comes with the special silver-coloured rod, plastic carrying case & George Blake's instructions.

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