Date-to-Day - Mre

Date-to-Day - Mre

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This is a sensational feature that you can perform anywhere-anytime as positively no props are required!

Members of the audience call out their birth dates, wedding day dates, their 18th or 21st birthday dates, or any other important dates that they know which day of the week the day fell.

Upon your hearing just the DATE you can give them the exact DAY of the week that that date falls on, within seconds and with incredible accuracy!

The effect appears very skilful – yet you can quickly learn the simple system that we explain in less than 30 minutes or so, or, while you are perfecting the presentation, we also supply you with a special memory aid that is never seen by your audience.

The dates called can be any dates within the Gregorian Calendar (i.e. from 1753 up to the present day) and yes-even Leap Years are covered in the marvellous system we explain.

This is truly a reputation-making effect that leaves a strong impression with your audiences. Ideal when giving psychic readings as you can also tell them the day they were born. Learn this now and you will perform it for life!

Our modern updated system even includes future centuries!

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