Born Lucky

Born Lucky

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Everybody needs a bit of luck in their lives! You show a large card folder which is left in full view and you claim it contains your prediction.

A lady in the audience selects a playing card and it is the Seven of Diamonds. You explain that everyone is born with a lucky playing card and this lady’s card the Seven of Diamonds is one of the luckiest cards in the pack.

Number seven is a very lucky number and Diamonds represents wealth, property, power and money, which indicates from the moment the lady was born this lucky card would gradually make her the wealthiest person here today!

You ask the lady to imagine the place where she was born either a street, road or cul-de-sac and you claim that your prediction contains a street or road sign of that very place.

The lady announces the name of the street or road where she was born and you show your prediction which we won’t reveal here but save to say it is a very strong & guaranteed laughter-maker that always gets a fantastic reaction from the audience without embarrassing the participant.

The climax comes when you turn the prediction over to show a giant picture of the lady’s lucky card – the fabulous Seven of Diamonds!

Five minutes of terrific fun and laughter suitable for any type of audience. Very easy to do and a terrific baffling ice-breaker!

Comes with the double-sided laminated A4 (approx 11.5" x 8") picture card, large folder & instructions including how to force the card from your own pack.

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