Black Prediction

Black Prediction

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A stunning prediction in which a single playing card with a black face slipped into a small black envelope proves to be the duplicate of a regular card later counted to by a spectator!

Without question this is one of the most baffling effects that we have ever offered.

You show a small black envelope and demonstrate that it holds a single playing card back upwards. The envelope is left in full view.

A few cards are taken from a regular and shuffled deck and a spectator names a number from one through to ten the card at this number is laid face down on the table and never touched by you again.

The prediction envelope is opened and the single card removed leaving the envelope clearly empty, this proves to be a card with a completely black face on which is printed shall we say the Jack of Hearts.

To everyone’s complete bewilderment when the selected card is turned over by any spectator it is also the Jack of Hearts.

*Ideal for close-up, table-hopping and cabaret.
*Use your own pack of playing cards for the selection.
*Chosen card is different at repeat performances.
*Chosen card and black prediction card can be left for examination.
*Very easy to do!

Comes with four changes of the black-faced Bicycle prediction card, a small black envelope & instructions. Use your own deck for the selected card.

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