Giant Domino - Odd Bin Item

Giant Domino - Odd Bin Item

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1 in stock. You show a transparent bag full of various domino cards.

You ask a member of the audience to pick one and then show a giant domino with a double-four value, to your audience, announcing that this is your prediction of the one just selected by the audience member.

However your audience member complains that this is not right as he has picked a double-six domino.

You sadly acknowledge your mistake but then go on to show that you are a master of your magical art.

As everyone watches, all at the same time four of the spots on the giant domino duplicate themselves and mysteriously move into the correct positions!

With this, the domino can be seen to have changed in full view into the double-six domino.

Taking off the wandering spots you explain that this was an illusion and pass the giant domino for examination.

No explanation can be found for the mysterious movement of the spots.

Comes with the Giant Domino (4.5" x 10"), special force bag, small (4" x 2.5") dominoes & instructions. 1 in stock.

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