Chu's Coin Box

Chu's Coin Box

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Also known as the Okito Coin Box, those of us that used to gather around Ken Brooke at conventions and the like will remember that this as a real crowd pleaser!

YOUR audiences will also be amazed as they watch a coin penetrates through the bottom of a coin box and your hand onto a table unexpectedly!

The model we offer here is beautifully made of metal (as all of Chu's metal items are) properly weighted so it is an absolute delight to perform.

Large enough for most coins up to and including the size of the British £2 coin.

The basic routine and handling is very easy to do and you will soon be coming up with many variations to make this a close-up miracle that you will love to perform and do so often!

We have only received a small quantity of these and at this price they will soon be sold out so please get your order in NOW!

Comes with chrome-coloured metal Coin Box (approx 3.5cm in diameter) & instructions.

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