Drop Out - No Drop Out

Drop Out - No Drop Out

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The perfect "Do as I do" routine that everyone has been asking fo! You display two small plastic bottles with holes in them and two steel balls. that just fit in the holes.

A spectator selects either bottle and ball and you take the remaining bottle and ball. Both of you place the balls into the holes and invert the bottle.

The ball in the spectator's bottle drops out into his other outstretched hand as you would expect.

But magically the ball in your bottle remains in its hole, defying the laws of gravity and only drops out at your verbal signal such as when you whistle!

The spectator thinks that there is some special secret, perhaps a magnet, in your bottle that keeps your ball inside so you exchange bottles and balls with each other and repeat the experiment.

However the ball in the spectator's bottle always drops out into the spectator's hand while yours always stays in place until you give your magic signal.

Both bottles and balls can be handed out continually for examination and they can search you for hidden magnets as much as they like for none exist.

You can exchange bottles and balls as often as you like and you could even perform this in the nude if you so wished without any difficulty. It's the perfect close-up mystery!

Comes with the two tiny 1.5 inch bottles, two steel balls & illustrated instructions.

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