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This admired effect has been featured in the programmes of top magicians and mentalists worldwide. Several books and articles have been published that pertain to teach the methods to perform this trick – most of them leave out valuable information for its correct performance.
For the correct methods we explain you use regular unfaked coins, poker chips, lucky charms or any other ordinary everyday items that you may have to hand.

A spectator holds a coin (or other object) behind their back and hides it inside one of their closed fists. They stretch their arms out to the front and several times you correctly reveal in which hand the coin (or other object) is hidden.

Now you take the coin and hide it in one of your hands so that the spectator gets a turn at guessing. However, you appear to be using some kind of mind-control because you can correctly predict if they are going to guess correctly or not at every attempt!

We explain the correct psychological methods for bringing about this effect – plus a little known sure-fire method without using magnets or any other similar expensive gimmicks.

Psycho-Coin! is fast becoming a classic – thanks to a similar effect which has been used in Derren Brown’s shows.

Psycho-Coin! can be used almost anywhere at anytime with a borrowed coin and a willing participant. It is also easy to do. Why not get onto this winner NOW!

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