Poison Prediction

Poison Prediction

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Spectator POISONED LIVE on Stage!

Ken de Courcy originated the plot with his close-up act ‘Luck of Lucretia’ and Stephen Magus adapted Ken’s poison idea to Maurice Fogel’s famous effect ‘Bewitched, Bottled and Bewildered’. Here is my own cabaret and stage adaptation and tried and tested methods for this entertaining theme which has just about everything; laughter, prediction, mystery plus superb audience participation.

A large envelope holding your “prediction” is placed in full view. Four bottles of, “Deadly poison” and one bottle containing a undamaging soft drink are hidden inside attractive bottle bags, which are then mixed into any order on a table by any member of your audience. The spectator now freely numbers each bottle from one through to five again in any order, using five boldly numbered laminated jumbo cards.

In the hilarious routine, the spectator finds himself promising to drink from your predicted bottle number and this bottle, still inside its bag, is handed to the spectator together with a tumbler ready for him to drink the contents!

The situation lends itself to loads of comedy; but all is well at the finish when it is seen that you have correctly predicted the bottle number that contains the soft drink!

Please note: No carbon or other impression paper or any similar method are used – your prediction is shown to be boldly written on a large A4 sheet of paper in blood red ink and nothing is added to this later. No force is used. There is never any danger as no genuine poisons are involved! Use four bottles of coloured water plus a bottle of soft drink or beer and a glass tumbler.

We supply the poison labels, five bottle bags, five number cards, full working and suggested routine plus everything else you need to perform this easy-to-do show stopping effect straight away!

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