Lonely Stranger

Lonely Stranger

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There’s a lonely stranger in town and he is suspected of being a serial killer hunted by the International Police!

You lay out six playing cards representing six strangers in town one of which is suspected of being an international serial killer but which one of the six is he?

The International Police are seeking a suitable victim – err volunteer to locate him for them and should the volunteer fail then death will be their only reward.

A spectator is unfortunate enough to be ‘volunteered’ using a coin from their own pocket which they place on any one of the six face-down cards (no force).

All the other cards are now shown to be blank faced cards (or if you wish showing the word DEAD on their faces) yet when the spectator turns over the card underneath their coin they have successfully located the lonely stranger and infamous serial killer.

The participant’s life is thus saved and the International Police Force generously allows them to keep their own coin as their reward!

Works every time, the spectator’s coin always indicates where the odd regular card is and the other five cards are always shown to have blank faces. Lonely Stranger is highly entertaining and very easy to do.

Comes complete with the quality Bicycle poker sized playing cards & instructions.

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