New Mentalist's Board

New Mentalist's Board

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Introduced by us many years ago and now available once again in a new lightweight yet studier form.

Mentalist’s Board is a large 11 x 8.5 inches (approx 28 mm x 20 mm) white board that you can freely write bold predictions and other writings upon, using a whiteboard marking pen but it is also subtly faked to allow you to perform several truly remarkable effects.

Our favourite is to draw an outline of a person’s body for which we supply a simple template and then to ask an attractive young lady to stand.

Talking about the powers of Voodoo and sympathetic magic, you turn the board and place a large black cross somewhere on the outline.

Your volunteer is now instructed to touch any part of her body with either hand – let us say she touches her left shoulder but her choice is completely free and not forced in any way.

Immediately you turn the board around to show that you have put a large X on the very spot she is indicating on her own body!

A stunning and truly different mental illusion that can be clearly seen by your audience.

In an alternative presentation you can correctly predict any name, colour or item freely selected by a member of your audience.

You will find many uses for this clever Mentalist’s Board that is large enough for any medium sized audience and yet it will fit comfortably into your showcase.

The effect is suitable to use on stage or in a parlour style situation

While the Mentalist’s Board uses a whiteboard marker the methods employed do NOT rely on your secretly rubbing out any part of the words or drawings to bring about your predictions. Dead easy to do!

Comes with the Mentalist’s Board (11" x 8.5", approx 28 mm x 20 mm) & instructions. Use your own whiteboard marker pen available from most stationers.

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