Witches Wood

Witches Wood

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Witches Wood is a splendid children and family audience effect based on the well-known children’s story of Hansel & Gretel. Perfect for close-up, walkabout & stand-up, it has a baffling method that is easy to do and quickly re-set.

You show ten faces down colourful laminated A6 jumbo cards each with a tree picture on its back to represent Witches Wood (only ten are used – no extras).

Telling the tale of Hansel & Gretel two children who got lost in the woods, two spectators - children or adults, each select a different card and these are shown faces to the audience alongside each other where it is seen that they are the pictures of the lost children Hansel & Gretel found, of course, by the children’s magic.

Your audience naturally suspect that the remaining eight also match the two chosen ones - in other words you have ten cards that have all the same pictures.

As if reluctantly, you admit that the cards you are left with are all the same and these cards are now turned faces upwards to show that this is true, but they do NOT match the two children.

All these eight cards exactly match each other but are pictures of WITCHES that live in the woods fooling everyone with their trickery and magical antics!

Incredibly, the participants have found the two odd lost children cards out of the packet of ten!

The ten cards can now be left for the audience to examine to their hearts’ content with no clue to your mystery.

Comes complete with the ten A6 Jumbo sized laminated picture cards, suggested routine & instructions.

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