Simple Numerology

Simple Numerology

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A simplified way of telling fortunes using a single laminated card that fits into your wallet or purse!

If you are in to giving readings, or would like to start, this easy system will be ideal.

There is not much that you have to remember and you can also finish with a prediction written on the back of your business card and give it to your client, who will show all their friends and keep for years.

Used with tremendous success by 'Astra' at psychic fares and corporate events. You will be amazed at the interest this creates, particularly amongst the ladies. Gentlemen are usually just as intrigued even if they won't admit it - watch them join in for their reading!

Ideal for table-hopping as it is always ready, just take it out of your wallet and start. You will never wish to be without it!

Comes with the special Numerology card (approx 4", 10cm square) and instructions.

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