Adair's Caterpillar Capers

Adair's Caterpillar Capers

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A fun-packed routine with a lovely theme, one with a surprising climax! Four large cards are displayed, three have an illustration of a green crisp lettuce and the fourth displays a cartoon type illustration of a cute caterpillar.

You explain that Cuthbert (that's the caterpillar's name) loves munching nice fresh lettuces. The caterpillar card is reversed and positioned between the others. One of the lettuce cards is also reversed.

You now recite a short poem:

Lovely crisp lettuces all in a line
Freshly grown and tasting fine
Cuthbert's on the move as you can see
Try to find him - where can he be?

The children point at the card they think Cuthbert is on. However you seem to get it wrong and show the other reversed one as a lettuce. This card is removed and discarded. The game of hunt for Cuthbert among the lettuces continues but again you always reverse the wrong cards showing a lettuce each time.

Down to the last card so it MUST be Cuthbert but when you reverse it the children's faces change in pure delight. The last card is Cuthbert all right but he has changed into a beautiful butterfly!

The trick is self-contained and packs flat. Cards are beautifully printed on 'silk' stock. The butterfly illustration contains a multitude of colours; red, pink, green, bright blue, light blue, yellow, purple, black & white.

Comes complete with the set of cards (approx 6" x 8", 14.75 x 21cm), instructions & suggested patter lines.

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