Dual Prediction with Bicycle playing cards

Dual Prediction with Bicycle playing cards

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This is more than just another card trick; it is a real knockout double prediction.

You place a small prediction envelope upon a table that contains just one single playing card.

Next you show a number of other Bicycle playing cards face down and any spectator freely chooses any one, which is then laid down alongside the prediction envelope and left in full view.

The faces of the rest of the cards are now all shown to the audience - but what is this? They are all the same card, for example all the three of clubs.

Climax number one: Anyone now turns over the selected card and this proves to be a totally different card, let’s say the eight of diamonds - your spectator has correctly picked out the only odd card in the set.

Climax number two: Now the prediction card is removed from the envelope and proves to be a duplicate of the freely chosen card the eight of diamonds!

The envelope is completely unfaked and is not secretly changed. No skill is required; you will do it almost immediately. Reset in a moment so is ideal for table-hopping. No double lifts, rough & smooth or sticky business.

Comes complete with quality Bicycle poker-sized playing cards, envelope & instructions.

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