Magician's Child Role Play Costume

Magician's Child Role Play Costume

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Abracadabra, hocus-pocus, hey presto - prepare to be amazed! With this impressive role-play costume you will be able to dress up your young helper during your magic shows to play the part of a young magician and then have him show his opera hat empty, wave his magic wand over it and produce a rabbit from the hat - tada!

Not a real rabbit of course but your audience will be both puzzled and delighted nevertheless!

This costume would also make the ideal present for the young child in your life who wants to be a magician. Your young magician will be spellbound with this awesome role-play set.

Every entertainer who has seen it cannot fail to be intrigued by the clever secret of the opera hat, which as well as the rabbit could be used to magically produce silks and the like seemingly from nowhere.

One well-known magician magically produces the child’s magician’s cape from the shown empty hat and then later the child out-does him by producing the rabbit. An entertaining and applause pulling sequence of events!

Children can make the large coin magically appear and disappear from the secret waistcoat pocket as well as pulling a rabbit out of the top hat's secret hidden compartment.

Comes with black spangled Cape, Bow Tie, red spangled Waistcoat, Top Hat, Wand (12”, 30cm long) Coin, white Rabbit (approx 7”, 17cm long), card with tricks and carry bag.

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