Christmas Crackers

Christmas Crackers

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A cracking children’s effect for your Christmas shows or for that matter any time of the year - Santa stories are always popular!

An exciting routine concerning the build-up to when Santa Claus visits with all his wonderful presents. It’s great audience participation for the children, singing Christmas songs, and for the adults who will also love this!

You show several pictures each depicting the run up to that special day when Santa himself appears with his sack of gifts wishing everyone Merry Christmas.

Also shown is a large laminated folder of a colourful house to which Santa needs to deliver his presents, which you open and show inside to be empty; the children that live there are already in bed waiting for that magical Christmas morning and lots of lovely gifts.

The trouble is that it’s a modern house with no chimney and both windows and doors securely locked, how would he deliver his presents?

Suddenly Santa vanishes from his picture card with a flash, maybe he has reappeared inside the house? But no, the house is still empty.

However the children soon tell you that he is playing tricks on you; bobbing about appearing at the top & sides of the house to everyone’s excited delight.

The children say a magic word and when the house is again opened Santa has vanished once more and the house is filled from top to bottom with a large Christmas tree and lovely looking gifts piled up at its base!

No words can do justice to the fantastic reaction you'll get when you introduce this into your show,packs flat in the bottom of your case and it's easy to do!

Comes complete with six jumbo-sized laminated picture cards (5.75" x 8", 14.5 x 20cm), special House folder (10" x 7", 25cm x 17cm closed & 10" x 14", 25cm x 50cm open), appearing cut-out Santa, routine & instructions.

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