Mind Divination - Nelson

Mind Divination - Nelson

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Here is a routine that we sincerely concede as being the best all-around modus operandi ever offered to the professional!

The effect is as follows: the performer passes out small cards on which spectators are requested to write a question and sign their full name.

The completed cards are collected by the performer, slipped in to small envelopes and sealed. On returning to the stage, the performer places the first envelope to his forehead and the question therein is answered.

At the conclusion of the answer, the envelope’s end is removed, the card withdrawn and immediately returned to the original writer without an exchange of any kind!

In this manner, every question is answered, and in its proper sequence.

NO surreptitious apparatus of any description is used (you may perform this in bathing trunks - but we don’t recommend it!). No confederates or assistants need be employed – it is a genuine one-man feature. No switch or exchange of questions takes place at any time - and the original billets never leave the audience’s sight for an instant.

No palming (as you have nothing to palm), no sleights or suspicious moves and your hands NEVER approach your body. No reading “one ahead” or “one behind” as every question is answered in its proper sequence.

No dummy questions or plants. The envelopes used are of the ordinary wages’ envelope type and are perfectly opaque.

Cards, envelopes and scissors are the ONLY properties employed during the entire presentation. At the conclusion you have nothing to get rid of; all you possess is a pair of scissors and a stunned audience (and stage crew!).

May be performed with equal success in front of a small or large audience, on stage, parlour or for private work.

A complete routine involving a NEW principal that is extremely practical, reliable and fool proof. Its operation is simplicity itself, and may be presented in its entirety a few minutes after our instructions are digested. The effect is truly a masterpiece and is most heartily recommended to anyone contemplating this line of work.

With this marvellous routine and instructions you have a complete act suitable for any theatre in the country, or it may be used in conjunction with other features. This is a one-man act, but assistants may be employed in the actual modus operandi with great success if desired.

Not only is Mind Divination one of the greatest stage acts of its kind, but also a wonderful unsurpassed act for private clairvoyant work. You could not wish for (and receive) a better method of getting the spectator’s information for private office work; Mind Divination fills a two-fold purpose for stage and private engagements.

It is the one great test that convinces, every stage performer and every private reader should know and perform Mind Divination, do it anywhere, any time; it will answer a thousand demands.

Comes with the complete routine with lecture, additional tests, and presentation. Use your own cards & envelopes.

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