Egg-Ceptional Chance - stand-up model

Egg-Ceptional Chance - stand-up model

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We are very egg-cited to offer you this fabulous version of Just Chance based on a great idea by Len Belcher and using coloured eggs & colourful cards

Four different coloured plastic eggs are laid out in a row on a table and three spectators are asked to take part in a game of Egg-Ceptional Chance.

Each spectator is asked to choose a number from one to four leaving you with the number left, let’s say they choose 1, 2 and 4 leaving you with the number 3, the numbers are genuinely and freely chosen and the participants can change their minds as often as they wish.

Four laminated cards are now shown each with a different coloured egg and a different number on each. The spectators are allowed to take the coloured egg depicted by their freely chosen number and they themselves open their eggs; each contain a small prize such as a sweetie or if you prefer a comical prize or a ‘hard luck better luck next time!’ message - just as you prefer.

Your egg is now opened and a spectator can do this so that you never touch it, to show that it contains genuine money such as a £20 or even a £50 note as your prize!

The effect just cannot go wrong so your money is never at risk. It can also be performed the opposite way around so that the participants get small prizes while you get nothing at all save a hard luck message. Alternatively the birthday boy or girl (man or woman) can win the major prize!

Comes with all the eggs (approx 1.5” x 2.5” about the same size as a large real egg), cards and instructions. Use your own prizes.

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