Crazy Cards

Crazy Cards

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A guaranteed laughter maker! From a number of jumbo sized playing cards one is selected and remembered by a member of your audience.

Requesting that the spectator returns their chosen card into the deck, you spread out a regular sized deck for its return and it is obvious that this card can be easily found due to its large size, even when the cards are thoroughly shuffled and cut.

However, you find difficulty finding it among the regular cards and keep coming up with the wrong one.

Eventually in desperation you take out your wallet and bet the contents against the spectator finding their chosen card themselves.

Naturally the spectator simply takes out the jumbo card – but what is this? It is NOT the chosen card just named but a completely different one.

You give her the regular deck and let her try again but her chosen card is now found to be missing in this deck as well.

All bets are now off and you open your wallet to display two cards – one regular and one jumbo inside – both the same value as the original chosen jumbo!

If it's laughter you’re after then get this today and be the first to show it in your area!

Comes with quality jumbo playing cards & instructions. Use you own regular cards and wallet.

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