Answers to Questions

Answers to Questions

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If you are a mentalist, crystal gazer or mind reader then this is the best book ever describing the correct method of answering questions secretly or otherwise obtained from your audience. The booklet covers:

*Tricks of the trade
*Diagnosis of questions
*Answering questions through newspapers
*Ladies' matinees
*Private readings
*Stock questions
*Questions to be expected ... in fact everything you need to know about the art of answering questions from the stage, platform or in a private one-to-one situation.

The subject is dealt with in an easy-to-understand manner. Mentalists, Psychics and Crystal Gazers who made a lifetime's career of helping the public have made big money using these methods in the past.

This is the ideal companion book for Nelson's splendid Mind Divination also available on our website.

Also included is a comprehensive letter written by C. Alexander 'The Man Who Knows' dated the 30th June 1919 who in the 27 years of his successful career has answered thousands of questions as a Psychic and entertainer. Find out his Secret!

24-page A4 sized booklet with plastic covers.

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