Comedy Smiley Faces

Comedy Smiley Faces

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Everyone loves those Comedy Smiling Faces that are all the rage, brightening up our days. Here we use them in an exciting prediction effect suitable for children or adults.

You position an A5 envelope in full view explaining that it contains your prediction. Next you show several colourful laminated picture cards, each of which has a different Comical Smiley Face, perhaps representing our different moods, attitudes or attributes.

Lots of fun here as you show each one in turn and invite your audience to suggest various appropriate comical names, Happy Harry, Clever Claude, Goofy George, Sunny Sam and so forth. You will be surprised at what they come up with.

Any spectator selects a number and the picture at that number is freely shown – let’s say it is the picture that the audience have named as, “Simple Sid.” (Note the picture chosen can be different at every show).

Your prediction picture is now removed from the envelope (which can then be torn into pieces if you wish) and is an exact duplicate of the chosen picture!

A proven recommended applause-pulling winner. Simple, direct and effective, no sleights are used and it is surprisingly easy to do!

Comes with twelve laminated picture cards (approx 5.25” x 4”, 13.5cm x 10cm) each with a different comedy face, prediction card with four faces to choose from (approx 8” x 5.75”, 20cm x 14.5cm), an unfaked A5 prediction envelope, routine & instructions.

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