Super Pseudo Psychometry

Super Pseudo Psychometry

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Based on an item made popular by Theodore Annemann but with what we believe to be improved methods & routines.

Five A5 sized envelopes are passed out to members of your audience who each secretly seal a personal object inside. Another member of your audience collects these and thoroughly mixes them together.

Three of the items are ‘psychometrised’ between your hands during which you correctly describe the type of person to which each one belongs, and then deliver the items back to their owners.

The final two items are then dealt with in different ways (we explain three of our favourite different endings) bringing the effect to an applause-pulling climax!

This stunning demonstration of mentalism is practically an act in itself.

Also included is a routine suitable to entertain young children as used by Eddie over many years! No skill is required.

Comes with a set of sample A5 sized envelopes, routine, extra suggestions & practical ideas.

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