Budgie & the Cats

Budgie & the Cats

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Speaking of your pet budgerigar named Budgie who is a tease to three local cats, they decided it was time to teach her a lesson.

One day Budgie was out of her cage and so one bold cat called Horace, sneaks into her cage to give her a fright when she returns home.

Meanwhile, the other two cats Ginger and Tom surround her and make her their prisoner.

Fortunately, Budgie is too clever for them and with a little magical help from the children promptly disappears from right under the cats’ noses.

Where can Budgie be?

Why she is safely back in her cage while Horace is back with the other two bewildered cats Ginger & Tom, so all the children give Budgie a loud cheer and then themselves some applause for magically helping Budgie to escape those naughty, sneaky cats!

Budgie & the Cats will put some fun and laughter into your show; yet it is very easy to do!

Comes with jumbo-sized A5 laminated picture cards of Budgie and the three cats, a folder that acts as Budgie’s cage, routine & instructions.

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