Forbidden Wisdom

Forbidden Wisdom

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Albright's Forbidden Wisdom is our updated version of this hard to obtain 'Bible' for psychic entertainers & mystery workers worldwide.

Inside you will find all you need to know to present fortune telling to both entertain and mystify your audiences, and also private one-to-one clients.

The chapters include:

Three methods of fortune telling with cards.
Simplified interpretation of the cards.
How to memorize.
The Mystic Circle.
How to give an interesting reading.
Pseudo Palmistry.
A sample Reading.
Pseudo Graphology.
Pseudo Astrology.
Studio Presentation for home and office.
Drawing Room Presentation.
The World of Dreams.
Fortune Telling by Coins.
Fortune Telling with Dice.
Pseudo Numerology.
The significance of Numbers.
The Psychic System.

Several clever magical secrets are incorporated into the readings to puzzle, entertain and make the readings even more powerful.

32-page A4 sized booklet with pictures and line drawings.

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