Long & Short Rope Mystery

Long & Short Rope Mystery

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Long & Short Rope Mystery is a hilarious routine with tremendous comedy possibilities. It is almost an act in itself, and goes over great with both children and adults.

Can be worked after your regular rope trick or as an item on its own. Professional magicians in hundreds of shows have regularly used it to great acclaim.

The routine is difficult to describe because its effect can only be judged by the way it is presented – and believe us when we say that there is 100 per cent presentation, patter & timing given to you in this booklet.

You invite a boy from the audience to help you and after a length of rope has been cut exactly in half, one piece is found to be longer than the other. When a piece of this is cut off to even it up the other rope is found to be much longer. This can be repeated several times. Finally the two separate ropes are found joined together!

An alternative routine is to have two children helping you and offer to cut the rope in half so that both will receive a piece each exactly the same length. The trouble is that the rope has its own ideas and despite several attempts you can never get the rope into equal lengths.

Finally, you give up on the idea and restore the rope to one length, which you keep yourself!

This is a great fun trick that you will enjoy performing, no advance preparation and no skill required, use any long piece of rope or string and a pair of scissors.

Comes with our 8-page illustrated booklet. Use your own long piece of rope & scissors.

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