Three Dice Mysteries

Three Dice Mysteries

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A Mr E Enterprises exclusive

Three Dice Mysteries are cleverly routined and astounding tricks with which to mystify your friends and audiences, they can also be carried in your pocket always ready to perform.

Three examined dice are stacked up in any order by a spectator one on top of the other and then covered by a tube formed from a borrowed banknote.

Despite all of this you are able to announce the total number of all the concealed spots on the dice!

This can be repeated several times and eventually even when all the dice are completely concealed you are still able to give the correct total of the six sides of the concealed spots.

No skill or practice is required, there is nothing to learn and the effects can be immediately repeated if you wish.

We also explain three other effective tricks using the three dice and incorporating matches and an ordinary opaque drinking beaker or dice cup. Easy to do and three real bafflers.

Comes with three ordinary 16 mm dice (colours vary) , a poker chip & full instructions.

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