Stranger in the Deck

Stranger in the Deck

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A most unusual effect requiring no skill or sleights of any kind.

You introduce a full deck of fifty-two playing cards plus a single card with a different coloured back; the stranger in the deck, which is shuffled face unseen into the pack.

The deck is now spread face upwards and a spectator names any card they see - positively no force and that card is instantly removed from the pack and placed face upwards upon the spectator’s outstretched palm – no switch involved; the card they name is the card removed.

You now spread out the deck face down so everyone can see the back colours of the cards – let’s say they are red.

The spectator himself turns over his freely chosen card that proves to be the stranger in the deck with its different coloured back!

This is only one possible presentation with our specially gimmicked pack, we give you two others including an invisible card idea, but you will soon be inventing your own special way of performing this staggering effect.

Comes complete with the special deck of quality Bicycle playing cards & instructions.

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