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Mathemagic is a clever pocket trick that gives the impression you are a mathematical wizard that can do instant calculations.

Four coloured square sticks that can be carried in your pocket each contains a set of different four-figure numbers on each of its four sides, sixteen sets of numbers in all.

Your spectator places them adjacent to each other to form a random set of four-figure numbers to be added together.

Instantly you can tell them the correct total of the randomly formed numbers!

Others will need the calculator on their phone to check you are right but you always are.

With 256 possible answers this seems like an incredible feat but with one glance you can announce the correct answer in seconds.

Comes with four sticks (approx 2" long x .5" square, 5cm x 1.25cm square) & instructions.

The price we charge includes FREE postage in the UK but overseas it can only be sent as part of a larger order.

Only £4.99

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