Guillotine Card

Guillotine Card

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Here is a great pocket trick, which can be taken from your wallet or close-up case and performed under any conditions.

You display a number of Bicycle playing cards each with a hole at one end, the middle card has a different coloured face to the others and is lifted up so that a spectator can insert a stick or shoelace through all the holes and spectators at both sides can hold the protruding ends of this.

Now for the penetration: The protruding odd coloured card is now pushed slowly down ‘melting’ through the stick or shoelace. When the other cards are removed your audience can see that this odd card has clearly penetrated the stick and is now linked onto it where it can be immediately given for examination!

The penetrating card can be freely examined both before and after the performance if you so wish.

Easy to do & visual and dramatic. A petite-illusion to carry in your pocket.

Comes complete with quality Bicycle cards, stick & instructions.

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