Three-Card Swindle - JUMBO size

Three-Card Swindle - JUMBO size

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One of our most popular card routines now in Jumbo Size Cards 5.75 x 3.75 inches!

Playing the part of a street hustler and his victim you demonstrate how easy it is to con people with the infamous ‘Three-Card Game.’

Only three cards are used and they are openly counted from hand to hand, the idea is to pick out the picture card – and what is more the player is allowed three different tries – the trouble is that they are wrong each time and as a result lose their cash – three times in a row!

Offering to make it easier you let them bet on either the picture card or the low value pip card and again they try three times and again each time they lose!

So you as the hustler offer to make it easier still and give them the chance to win their money back by trebling the stakes – all they have to do is to pick out any one of the two pip cards and again they can have three attempts – unfortunately each time they pick out the picture card and lose their money BIG TIME!

Three-Card Swindle is the ideal effect to carry in your pocket or wallet as it is always ready to perform – positively only three cards are used and these can be passed for examination if you wish. No sleight of hand or lengthy practice is required – you will be performing this superb effect ten minutes after opening the packet.

Comes complete with jumbo sized cards (5.75" x 3.75") & instructions. Sold for entertainment purposes only.

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