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By Nick Frost, based on a classic card effect by Arthur Carter. One of my favourite crazy prediction effects using blank cards, which Frost called Un-Cards; his name for cards that never were!

Placing a written prediction in full view you show the blue backs and then the full BLANK faces of your Un-Cards, perhaps naming a few that would have been if they had been printed, such as the Ace of Spades, Queen of Hearts and so on.

You also introduce your Un-Die that has never been made and so is completely invisible, showing and tossing it so spectators can name the Un-Spots thus proving the die is not loaded.

Any spectator throws the Un-Die and calls out the spots, which are used to select a card from among the nine Un-Cards, which is then isolated from the others.

Your prediction is now read out loud & incredibly is seen to be 100% correct – and no it’s not a gag but proves to be the only ‘odd card out’!

Un-Cards is highly entertaining with lots of audience participation and a strong baffling finish to boot! Sold at a pocket money price, reset in a moment & easy to do!

Comes with nine quality Bicycle poker sized special Un-Cards & instructions.

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