Giant Size Zennerism

Giant Size Zennerism

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Truly Zensational! Here is our exclusive feature mentalism effect now with GIANT sized Zenner Cards, ideal for audience participation in your stage, cabaret, TV or parlour shows.

You show a set of five giant ESP or Zenner cards consisting of a Star, Square, Wavy Lines, Cross and Circle. The cards can be examined and are not marked or gimmicked in any way.

The symbols are mixed face down and five spectators each receive a card as you stress that you don’t wish to see which spectator receives which symbol.

Next, five large envelopes each containing a single giant Zenner card are shown and these are also mixed. The five participants are requested to secretly take a peek at their chosen symbol and then each of them in turn selects an envelope. They do so.

The five possessors of the Zenner symbols are asked in turn to reveal the symbol they have chosen and then to reach into their chosen envelope themselves and take out the single Zenner card inside – imagine their amazement when they discover that by some unknown factor they have each exactly matched their two Zenner symbols, cross with cross, star with star!

Everything can be examined both before and at the end of this enthralling routine – nothing will be found. The cards are NOT marked in any way and the envelopes can be examined as they are completely opaque.

Highly recommended for its devastating effect! Feature it as a climax in your new show. Very easy to do yet the trick is truly outstanding.

Comes complete with the ten Giant Zenner Cards, five envelopes, routine & instructions.

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