Bunny Footprints - Half pice sale item

Bunny Footprints - Half pice sale item

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“And now for my greatest feat – here they are!”

This is the kind of visual gag that the late Tommy Cooper would have loved and was coined by Lady Kerrensa when she first saw these novelty Giant Bunny Footprints!

Use them to drop onto the stage or floor to keep lively children in one spot when assisting with your magic, explaining that the magic will only work while their feet remain firmly on the magic Bunny Footprints.

These cute cut-out paw prints are coloured white and pink (with no black border as per the picture), they take up almost no room in your showcase and practically guarantee that your young helpers won’t move from the spot you have placed them in.

If you entertain children you just cannot afford to be without them. Introduce them with the above laughter line in both your children and adults shows. Many other jokes are possible using these simple props, we start you off with thirty-seven but you will soon be thinking up lots more.

Bunny Footprints comes with FOUR lightweight rubbery, rabbit paw print shaped mats (approx 12” x 7.25”, 30 x 18.5cm) & thirty-seven harelarious jokes.

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