Magic Card Case

Magic Card Case

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With this special card case you can make playing cards vanish, change or appear simply by shutting the case and then opening it again.

Nicely made of black plastic it is suitable for playing cards up to Poker size and fastens with a simple clip arrangement and so can be given safely to a spectator to hold until you are ready to reveal the magic you have created with its help.

Several other effects are given in English, French & German instructions which can be performed using cards, paper, banknotes, stamps, photographs and so on making it a versatile prop with many uses.

Mystic messages appearing on blank cards, torn paper magically restored and so forth.

Ideal for many uses and will fit neatly into your pocket all ready to perform miracle.

Suitable for beginners or experienced magicians and an ideal prop at a low pocket maney price that is easy to do!

Comes with card case & instructions.

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