Murder Games Mystery - JUMBO model

Murder Games Mystery - JUMBO model

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A single laminated card is placed in full view, it has the simple heading ‘Police Evidence File’ and you explain that with the help of a volunteer you are going to play a murder game!

Three more laminated pictures are given to a spectator to freely examine and mixed faces down, one is a picture of a DETECTIVE, the second is a picture of a suave-looking MURDERER and the third is a picture of the MURDER WEAPON.

Could your powers of telepathy really solve a murder mystery? We shall see. The spectator chooses one of the pictures for themselves sight unseen, a second picture card is given to you and the third picture is slipped into an empty bag.

The Police Evidence File is now turned over (no exchange) which when read out loud solves the ghastly crime exactly revealing the spectator’s actions ultimately leading to and naming whom the real murderer is! A spectacular prediction & incredible mind control is clearly at work.

But every effect needs a good climax and this effect has a terrific one that will knock even magicians who have seen everything clean off their feet with total bewilderment!

Very easy to do & everything can be examined. Resets in a moment & only one prediction is used. Available with close-up or jumbo-sized picture cards.

Comes complete with JUMBO laminated picture cards (approx 7.75" x 5.5", 20 x 14cm) bag & instructions.

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