Bone of Death

Bone of Death

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‘Pointing the Bone’ is a ritual of black magic practiced in Africa, Australia and other countries, mainly by Aborigines - even today!

You lay out six cards each with a picture of an Aborigine tribesman all of which are suspected of a crime against their tribe by their local witch-doctor, who must use his magic to locate the culprit and point the Bone of Death at him.

A spectator is unfortunate enough to become the willing “victim er, volunteer” & on the pain of death to act the part of the witch-doctor’s aide; as such using a coin from their own pocket which they place on any one of the six face up Aborigine cards (no force).

The backs of all the other cards are now shown to have the Aborigines’ colourful boomerang indicating that they are innocent and free to continue with their hunting, yet when the spectator turns over the card underneath their coin they have successfully found the guilty Aborigine with the Skeleton of Death pointing his long bony finger of guilt with an evil grin on his face.

The volunteer’s life is spared, the witch-doctor generously allowing him to keep his own coin as a reward!

Please note: Works every time; the spectator’s coin always indicates where the guilty one is, and the other five cards are always shown to have the boomerangs of innocence on their backs; there is no alternative excuse or double talk required. Only six cards are used, easy to do, your audience will find Bone of Death quite fascinating.

Comes complete with the matt laminated picture cards & instructions.

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