Devil's Deception

Devil's Deception

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Devil’s Deception is an effective routine ideal for general performances or delivering a Christian message.

You show three A5 sized card folders each boldly numbered 1, 2 and 3 explaining that inside two of them are pictures of the Devil while the third one has a picture of Jesus inside. The object is to beat the Devil at his own game.

“In a moment two folders will be sent to damnation & one will remain untouched, you must try to protect the picture of Jesus.” A spectator is indicated, and you continue, “I am concentrating to protect number 1, 2 or 3 – I want you to receive my thoughts and name any one of those numbers – NOW!” Let’s say he names the number, “One.”

The same sequence is followed with a lady who let’s say chooses, “Three.” In each case the spectators involved have a free choice of numbers.

The files with the two freely-chosen numbers are opened and both contain large A5 size pictures of the Devil. You are left with one final folder (in this example number 2) which when opened holds the picture of Jesus Himself!

Please note: Only one picture is in each folder & there are no duplicates used, easy to do.
1. No flaps or similar in the folders.
2. The pictures are NOT double-sided and can be passed for examination.
3. An alternative presentation using one Devil picture, a Jesus and a St. Peter picture is also explained, the extra picture is supplied in the set.

Comes complete with four pictures, three numbered A5 sized folders & instructions.

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