Holy Ghost

Holy Ghost

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Holy Ghost can be presented either as a light-hearted close-up magical effect or as a Christian message!

You draw your audience’s attention to a playing card with a large hole through its centre, through which you can insert your finger as you lay it face down on a spectator’s hand.

From a regular deck of well-shuffled playing cards, one is now chosen by a spectator and laid face down on top of the card with the hole through its middle.

A magic word and both cards are turned faces up and fanned when instantaneously the hole transfers itself from the centre of one card to the other! It looks incredible and yet no sleights are used.

Both cards can now be passed for examination without any clue to your amazing mystery.

This clever effect lends itself perfectly to patter about Baptism and how one becomes a Christian instantly as the water is poured over the head in the name of the Father, the Son & the Holy Ghost wiping away original sin! Easy to do.

Comes with quality Bicycle cards & instructions. Use your own matching pack for the selected card which can be different every time.

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