Sad & Happy Clown Silks 18 inches - Odd Bin

Sad & Happy Clown Silks 18 inches - Odd Bin

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You show a black & white picture of a clown on a 18-inch silk and do a double take as you see the clown is looking very unhappy which doesn't fit into your happy show.

Using either a change bag or a die tube etc you set about making the clown happy.

First you tell a joke to no avail. Then you sing a jolly song still to no avail.

Perhaps the children will help you out singing a song with big smiles on their faces, which you magically collect together with some colours from their clothing.

A magic word and magic wand business can follow and not only is the clown happy and smiling but is now in full colour for a big surprise finish!

Comes with two 100% silk 18", 46cm square silks, routines & instructions. Use your own accessories.

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