Phantom Rising Card

Phantom Rising Card

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This is a novel rising card effect and we love it! You display an ordinary deck of playing cards, which can be examined and shuffled. A card is freely selected from the deck and may be signed if you wish.

You now show a jumbo card with a picture of a glass tumbler, explaining that the normal routine involves placing the deck in a glass tumbler, and commanding the selected card to rise. Unfortunately, glass tumblers are extremely fragile, and you are fed up with the dozens of broken tumblers in your bag of props. You have therefore made a few minor modifications to the original trick.

At this point you display the Jumbo card, with a picture of a glass tumbler, stating you now use a tumbler which is easier to pack and guaranteed not to break.

The deck of cards is now placed on the large card with the glass tumbler. When the face of the jumbo card is again displayed, you have magically captured the image of the deck inside the tumbler.

You ask the spectator to name his selected card and then command it to rise from the deck. As the spectator names his card a playing card is seen to rise mysteriously from the picture of the deck - it is seen by all to be the selected card, complete with the spectator's genuine signature!

The card can be pulled out of the “printed” deck, and given for examination and the large card with the picture freely displayed on both sides.

Comes with printed laminated jumbo card-holder (6.5 x 4.5", 16.5 x 11.5cm) & instructions. Use your own Bridge or Poker sized playing cards.

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