Spots Before Your Eyes

Spots Before Your Eyes

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Based on a classic comedy effect and now with a super new climax, Spots Before Your Eyes will have your audience rubbing them with amazement!

You show your audience a laminated A5 jumbo card with a single black spot at its centre, which you then pass behind your back and show that magically it now has three black spots on it.

Before your audience can say, “You turned it around” it is again passed behind your back and emerges with four black spots on it, yet another pass and it now has six spots on it – but unfortunately you make a mistake and accidently reveal the secret to your audience as to how it is done!

Undaunted, you now admit to, and explain, how you cover spots on both sides of the card with your fingers to bring about the illusion you have just tried to impress them with.

However, just when they think they have everything clear, you knock them for six as you show there is now sixteen coloured spots covering the card on its final side!

Spots before your eyes can also be presented by first telling the audience that you will perform a trick and if they applaud enthusiastically you will explain how it is done; and then following your explanation of the first part leading them all up the garden path when you magically produce the coloured spots!

Very easy to do using tried and tested methods. It will take up little room in your briefcase lying perfectly flat and always ready to perform.

Comes with the laminated card (approx 7.75 x 5.5”, 19.5 x 14.24cm) & instructions.

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