The Shawl

The Shawl

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An unusual, non-sleight card effect accompanied by a macabre & compelling story.
This is a fascinating tale set in a small rural village in Scotland concerning old Isobel Gowrie who was burned as a witch in 1537, illustrated with a deck of playing cards.

During the telling of her sad story a number of cards are laid out face down on a table to resemble the old lady’s shawl which she always wore and was left in the possession of her sympathetic gaoler who, at her request, folded her shawl and threw it onto the fire as the lady was burned to death.

The shawl miraculously survived the flames and became the death shroud of those responsible for Isobel’s painful demise!

This enthralling account is fully explained by Ken de Courcy in this rare and hard to find document that has easy-to-follow illustrations & instructions. Use your own pack of playing cards. Limited supplies available.

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