Just Chance Envelopes plus

Just Chance Envelopes plus

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All thought this is advertised as Just Chance envelopes, these strong envelopes supplied can be used in many other ways, I have used them to vanish, produce and change and many other ways. Frankly they are one of the most useful props that I own and over the past 50 years or so I have had to replace them bout every ten years, Thy are always in my show bags ready to use. At the price they are an absolute bargain. Eddie Burke.

This is a utility prop that you can use in various ways. You can perform some really strong mental effects with this set, using one, two or all three envelopes.

You receive three plastic covered window envelopes each with a different coloured spot on the back of it. Inside each window envelope is a smaller envelope, also with a small coloured spot to match its larger envelope. The inner envelopes are clearly visible at all times through the windows.

The contents of the smaller envelopes are under your control to make items appear, vanish or change!

Paper slips can turn into currency notes. A note can be made to vanish or appear. Use two envelopes to perform a passé passé type effect or use all three to perform a ‘Just Chance’ style trick. The possibilities of combinations using three switching style devices are limited only by your own imagination, although our instructions give you several ideas to start you off.

The different coloured spots enable you to positively identify each device for audience participation routines.

The props are made from quality art board, not paper and screened in bright colours of Red, Green and Yellow to bring you an attractive and useful item for a variety of professional effects. Comes in a set of three with instructions.

These tick very box and should be among very mentalists & magicians standard props. Limited supplies available so please order NOW!

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