Sss-Snake - Table Hopping size

Sss-Snake - Table Hopping size

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A classic of magic and really entertaining, this ranks as one of our favourite comedy effects, now remade and better than ever!

You show a laminated picture of a snake basket with the head of a comical looking green snake with red eyes and tongue suddenly popping out from the top of the snake charmer’s basket, explaining that he is your erudite mindreading ssssnake you leave the picture in full view.

Two playing cards are now selected by spectators from a regular deck (use your own) and you claim that your mindreading snake has correctly predicted both the chosen cards.

The picture is opened, and your snake is seen to hold just ONE card in his mouth and when you check with the participants the card does NOT match any one of the two that have been picked.

However, you soon prove what a scholarly snake he is, and his prediction card turns out to be 100% correct in a laughter-making finish that always brings the house down!

This stunning trick can be built up into a feature effect by dressing your participating spectators as two snake charmers with toy flutes and towels for turbans etc. Very easy to do and suitable for ages from five years upwards.

Supplied in Table Hopping Size for close-up/walkabout.

Comes with the special laminated snake picture & instructions. Use your own regular deck of playing cards & props.

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