Doctor Rhine Revisited!

Doctor Rhine Revisited!

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An amazing twenty-minute demonstration of apparent memory and ESP, using a completely unprepared and borrowed pack of cards that you will perform anywhere at anytime.
No skill is required! This outstanding routine formed the basis of Eddie’s ESP show and has stood the test of time for many years – the full routine is released here for the very first time!

A borrowed and unprepared pack is thoroughly shuffled by audience members and remains untouched by you – yet you appear to have memorised each and every card in the pack –calling them out at rapid speed 100% correctly – incredible!

Next, freely selected cards are then hidden by a spectator inside his own pockets yet you are able to correctly name the colour; either red or black and then go on to reveal the actual value and name of another card that he has reversed in the pack while the cards are kept at all times behind his back and furthermore your back is turned to the proceedings. It appears truly impossible!

Now follows the finest matching card sequence you have NEVER seen. After a spectator has shuffled the cards several are turned face upwards and you deal cards face down on top of these. When the pairs are examined you have correctly matched the colours exactly. Remember it is a borrowed pack. Absolutely inexplicable!

Finally and unbelievably you correctly name the colour of all the cards left in the pack bringing the routine to an applause-pulling climax!

Use a borrowed deck, no marked cards, and no stooges. Nothing difficult to remember. No sleight of hand! The perfect ESP act that you can perform anywhere-anytime!

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